Nursery News- Autumn 2 – Week 5

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Nursery News - Autumn 2- Week 5

This week we have continued to practice our festive songs ready to record next week. The children are learning to use loud voices when singing.   After making our clay gingerbread men last week the children commented on the changes they had noticed  including; “it has gone hard now, its not cold and wet”, “it is dry, all the water has gone”, “the colour has changed now it is dry and dusty not wet”. The children then had lots of fun painting and decorating their clay gingerbread with sparkles.

On Wednesday 1st December the children came to nursery to discover a special visitor. They welcomed Eric the Elf who had been sent by Father Christmas to see us. He left a note and some presents. Together we predicted what there could be, we shook and listened to the sounds we could hear and felt the shape of the presents. Eric had left us two advent calendars and a Christmas tree with decorations. We then spent the morning building the tree and decorating it. We spoke about all of the different decorations and the colours, shapes and sizes of them.

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