Nursery Autumn 2 Week 3

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Nursery News Autumn 2 Week 3

We started our week by taking part in Anti-Bullying week. To celebrate how we are all unique the children came to school with odd socks. We spent a long time talking about the similarities and differences between each other and thought about the words we use and how they make people feel. Lots of children chose to make kind and thoughtful gestures to people, including making thank you cards and drawing pictures. We continued this learning by looking at different emotions, linking this to our nursery colour monster, where we thought carefully about how different feelings and emotions may be displayed. We then  updated our helping hand poster to reflect who we may go to for help or share how we are feeling.

Lots of children have also continued to develop their independence and we now have lots of nursery children able to do their own zip. These children are rightly very proud of their achievement, well done!

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