Nursery News- Autumn 2- Week 6

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This week has been full of festive fun in Nursery. We started the week by filming our final Christmas sing song performance and look forward to sharing this with our grown ups next week via Evidence me. The children have listened so carefully in order to learn the words and actions to a variety of songs. The adults are very proud of all of the children. Well done!

We have continued to be welcomed into nursery by Eric the Elf who has been up to all sorts including; eating some green sprouts, delivering juice and biscuits for our campfire and wrapping paper to wrap some presents.

On Tuesday the children enjoyed their first fire pit session in the nursery garden. We wrapped up warm and had lots of fun finding out how to be safe around a fire, including learning our fire safety chant “fire, fire never touch it will hurt you very much”. We then learnt how to make a real fire ensuring we were keeping ourselves safe at all times. Once our fire was lit, we observed the smoke and flames that appeared and used our sense to smell, hear and touch.  Mrs Bowen then put our cooking pot on the fire and filled it with blackcurrant and we watched it starting to heat up. Whilst our juice was heating up we sung some festive songs and jingles. We really enjoyed having our hot squash and biscuit. This week we also learnt how to wrap a present in three steps. The children learnt to fold paper and use the tape machine. They then used their mark making skills to write their own name label.

To finish our week we welcomed Aesop’s  Touring Theatre who performed the story of The Hare and the Tortoise to the children. The children all enjoyed a special picnic style lunch followed by a special gingerbread man that they had made on Thursday. Thank you to the FOMW for funding this special Christmas performance

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