Nursery News- Spring 2- Week 6

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We are now at the end of the Spring term- how the year is flying by. This half term lots of exciting learning has taken place including our very own Dragon school and first school trip to St Oswald’s Church. This week we have been thinking about “Feeling good and Feeling safe”. The children learnt how to keep safe at school and we went for a walk around the school grounds learning how to move around safely, this included pointing out the yellow footsteps in the carpark. As a class we created a helping hand with the names of adults on that we could go to if we needed help or wanted to talk. On Wednesday we learnt how to be safe on our bikes and scooters. We spoke about the importance of wearing a helmet to protect our head. We enjoyed an assembly led by Miss Hammond and learnt about being safe online or when using technology. To finish the week, we joined the whole school for a safety scavenger hunt. We worked with children from reception, year 1 and year 2 to find clues around the grounds.

We have continued to observe our frogs spawn and on Tuesday noticed some had hatched into tadpoles. The children have been very curious observing the tadpoles moving around. Throughout the week the children have enjoyed a variety of Easter activities including; Easter egg hunts, number bingo and potato masher art.

Thank you to everyone who returned their curriculum map. The nursery team look forward to looking at the children’s interests when planning our new exciting topic “What can you see?”. We would like to wish you a restful Easter Break.

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