Nursery News – Summer 1 – Week 3

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Nursery News- Summer 1- Week 3

Continuing on from last week the children have enjoyed exploring and learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  As a class we created a story map by drawing pictures and then using actions to help us retell the story. During learning time lots of children have spent time acting out the story in the role play area as well as using the small world puppets and figures. Most children are now able to retell the story using repetitive words and phrases.  We spent a long time using our imaginations to think of what else may be at the top of a beanstalk. The children then used their mark making skills to draw marks to represent what they could see. See some of our pictures below.

This week we also took delivery of caterpillars. The children are excited to watch them grow and change and have spent the week observing what they see and sharing their knowledge with others. Our beans we planted last week are starting to pop their heads up and we eagerly await more growth.

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