Nursery News- Summer 1- Week 4

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This week has been full of minibeast madness. We started the week sharing our prior knowledge about minibeasts and then listened to Mrs Dinsey and Mrs Rathod tell the story of “Superworm” using small world characters. Leading on from their interests of worms the children enjoyed using their senses to explore them. Lots of children were confident to touch and holds worms commenting on how they felt as they moved. We then used information books and videos to find out facts about earthworms. Together we created a fact sheet all about worms, including; what they look like, where they live, what they eat and an interesting fact. Did you know an earthworm has 5 hearts and smells through its skin? Throughout the week the children have further explored earthworms in our garden area using magnifying glasses and small trowels.  Our tadpoles have continued to grow and change and we now have 2 froglets. Each morning the children are counting to see if any more have grown all 4 legs. In the next few weeks we look forward to releasing these into our school pond.

In PE the children have enjoyed moving their bodies in a variety of ways, especially in our Hungry Caterpillar race. The children crawled through the tunnels, collecting the ribbons and moving like a butterfly before returning back to their team and cheering on the next person.

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