Nursery News- Summer 2- Week 1

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Welcome back to the second half of the summer term. It was lovely to hear the children speak with such confidence and enthusiasm about the Jubilee celebrations they had taken part over the half term. We started our week by taking part in an art workshop by local artist EmmyLou. Here children learnt to listen carefully to instructions whilst drawing different shapes to create a bus or flag. They then used some special water colour pencils to colour in their drawings. Finally, they used a paintbrush to add water and were amazed at how the pencil turned into paint. We looked at the famous picture called ‘Piccadilly Circus’ by Lowry  and the children shared their knowledge of London. Together we found out about Lowry and the style of his art work and the children have enjoyed painting their own pictures using the same colours as he did.

The children have enjoyed being back in the company of their friends and exploring the nursery environment.

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