Nursery News- Summer 2- Week 2

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Our week started with the children comparing different buses through the ages. We looked at 4 different London buses and commented on the similarities and differences before putting them onto a timeline from eldest to newest. With our knowledge all about London  buses we then explored the skill of junk modeling. The children learnt to use the tape machine to seal their box back together before painting it. They then explored the different types of glue and used a variety of different junk to add the features of the bus including, wheels, lights and windows. All the children were rightly very proud of what they had achieved. After our art workshops last week the children also continued to develop their painting and drawing skills for their special father’s day card. Lots of children are now holding mark making tools comfortably and correctly and in turn are now showing greater control and accuracy.

We have all spent the week trying to keep cool whilst exploring and the children helped to create a paddling pool using the tough spots on the floor. Lots of fun was had paddling and splashing in the water which definitely cooled us all down. The children demonstrated great independence in taking their shoes and socks off and putting them back on again.

It is full steam ahead with our sports day practice and the children are getting very excited to show their parents and carers the sporting skills they have been learning throughout the year.

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