Nursery News – Summer 1- Week 2

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We started our week by receiving letters with clues to find out about our new story this half term. Using the clues given both the Dragonflies and Minnows set off in search of magic pieces or objects around the school grounds. The children listened carefully to the clues and drew on their prior knowledge and learning to take them to the next place. When we had found all the pieces and objects we came back as a whole class to discuss and share what we had found. The children then predicted the story they felt the objects were from and after much discussion, the children agreed all the pieces and objects were from Jack and the Beanstalk. Throughout the week the children enjoyed telling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using puppets and dressing up.

In PE the children are learning a variety of new skills in preparation for Sports day. This week we revisited throwing and catching and then practiced the skill of balancing when taking part in the egg and spoon race. It was lovely to hear the children cheering on and encouraging other members of their team. In Maths we revisited sorting; looking at lots of different types of beans. We sorted the beans by colour, shape, size and texture. The children have created their own magic beans using the skill of marble painting and used a variety of different medias to create their own magical beanstalk.

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