Nursery News-Summer 2- Week 4

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Nursery News- Summer 2- Week 4

This week has certainly been a busy one. We have started each morning by joining the whole school with aerobics where the children learnt new moves and exercises  to bend and stretch to wake up their bodies.We have also spent time thinking about how to have a healthy body and healthy mind. We started by identifying and naming several foods and drinks that we may find at the supermarket . We then talked about these foods and put them into food families for example, fruit, vegetable and dairy. The children spoke with their learning partner about which foods are healthy for our bodies  and which foods we should have in moderation.  There were lots of interesting discussions had by all with the children now starting to give reasons for their thoughts and ideas. All of the children had a great time at sports day showing their parents and carers the sporting skills they have learnt throughout the year. Well done to all of the children.Finally, we finished our fun filled week by taking part in the Malvern Way Mini Marathon.  The children really challenged themselves to keep running for a lap around the school grounds- we are excited to see how far we will have run as a school and how much money we will have raised for our school pond.

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