Nursery News – Week 7

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Nursery News Week 7

This week we have enjoyed listening to the story of The Three Little Pigs. The children are all now confident to join in with the repeated refrains from the story. Reading stories and talking about the settings and characters over the last few weeks has lead the children to develop their own curiosity and imagination to tell stories. Outside children’s language has flourished as they have been on pirate adventures where they have seen sea squirrels and dragons. Inside the children have recreated London using wooden blocks and then made up stories about their parents going on the train to work. The children have also created a variety of stories using the loose parts by placing and arranging them.  In phonics we have been using the egg shakers along with body percussion to make different sounds. We have had fun tuning our ears into all the different sounds and have enjoyed exploring how these sounds can be changed.

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