Nursery- Spring 2- Week 1

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Nursery - Spring 2- Week 1

A windy welcome back to the second part of the spring term.  Following on from the children’s interests and curiosity of animals and different habitats we started our week by reading the story “Walking through the Jungle”. The children enjoyed acting this out, learning different ways to move and then listened carefully to see what animal may come next. We spoke about the animals that would be found in a jungle and then looked at where we would find jungles and what they would be like. This sparked lots of questions and discussions around all the different types of monkeys and big cats.

The children have continued to build on their skills of joining by creating their own monkey sticks to support them with their oral retell of the song 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree. The children used a variety of different tapes to join their monkeys and vines to the sticks and learnt how to use the tape machine safely. We had lots of performances throughout the week of the children singing this song using their monkey sticks to help them. Lots of the children have continued to extend their vocabulary and knowledge of different animals when making small world enclosures such as zoos and also creating their very own jungles using loose parts.

We have enjoyed show and tell with our focus this half term on children bringing in a leaflet, artefact or object. As a class we also enjoyed finding out the children in nursery use technology in and around their home by watching videos and looking at the pictures sent on Evidence Me.

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