Nursery- Spring 2- Week 2

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To continue our learning about jungles we explored the picture of “Suprised” by Henri Rousseau. We slowly revealed the picture to the children sparkling lots of curiosity. We then learnt different paper skills including twisting, tearing, ripping and rolling. The children then used the paper to create their own pictures of animals hiding.

This week we opened our very own Malvern Way Zoo Vet role play. Here the children have taken on the role of a vet or nurse, caring and treating hurt or ill animals. The children have learnt the names of certain tools including syringe and thermometer. The children have learnt to collaborate and negotiate in a group when treating the animals.

We had lots of fun finding out about the Christian celebration of Lent and story behind why we celebrate with pancakes. We spoke about the variety of toppings we may enjoy on our pancakes and complied a pictogram to show us which was the most popular and favourite. We then enjoyed mixing all the ingredients  together, commenting on the changes we noticed and watching our pancakes cook. The children chose their topping and then really enjoyed eating their own pancake.

The children enjoyed their first trip to our school pond to see the mountain of frogs spawn. We spent a long time here observing closely what we could see. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any frogs, but will be back again soon to see if we can see any changes to the frogs spawn and also see any frogs.

On Friday we took part in World Book Day and children came dressed as characters from their favourite books. It was nice to see the children talk so confidently about their favourite books.

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