Nursery – Spring 2- Week 3

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After joining the whole school to find out who the ‘masked readers’ were, we came back to nursery to discover a letter. We thought who the letter may be from and then listened carefully to the words that were written. We used our knowledge so far and worked out the letter was from Princess Pearl. We then got our wellies and coats on and set off on a hunt around the school grounds for Pearl’s belongings. We found a sparkly shoe, some red shiny beads, a stethoscope, a piece of her dress and a book. The children were so excited when we got to the dragon in the woods. We believe it is one of Zog’s friends who has lost his voice as he has a poorly throat. In explore learning the children spent time looking after the woodland dragon. Throughout the week the children enjoyed using the small world characters to retell the story. Using our creative skills we made our very own dragon masks ready for our dragon day next week.

We also welcomed Mrs Davis one of the nursery parents to talk about the celebration of St Patrick’s Day. The children learnt a traditional Irish song and enjoying waving their flags.

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