Nursery Spring 2- Week 4

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Nursery Spring 2 - Week 4

We started our week by welcoming the children with their plants and seeds as part of Science Week. We looked at the similarities and differences we noticed before planting our plants outside. Throughout the week the children have continued to plant, sow and look after plants and seeds and are eagerly awaiting some shoots.

On Tuesday we enjoyed our very own Dragon School linked to our learning of Zog. The children wore their masks they created last week and undertook 5 challenges around the school grounds. Each group had a simple map which they used to navigate the school site to find the challenges. Upon completing each challenge the children were awarded with a golden stamp. The challenges included; learning how to fly across the field to the playground, seeing who could blow the biggest bubble, who had the loudest roar, who could catch the most princesses finished by the best boogie. The children thoroughly enjoyed this day.

We also welcomed Drama4all who hosted a drama workshop for all the children. They went on an exciting jungle adventure and learnt how to move their bodies in different ways.

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