Reception news Autumn 2 Week 2

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Reception News WB 4.11.22

On Monday, the children had great fun making porridge on the fire pit in the rain. Before starting we talked about keeping safe around the fire pit, no scarves and gloves, always standing outside the rope circle and listening carefully to the instructions. Next we lit the fire using straw, sticks, logs and a fire striker. The children enjoyed seeing the fire start from the spark that appeared when the two pieces of metal rubbed together. As the fire burned we talked about what we could hear, see and smell. Finally, we combined the porridge oats with water in a pan over the fire and watched as they combined to make a thick, warm consistency. The children enjoyed tasting the porridge and some even asked for more!

Later in the week, we enjoyed our walk down Malvern Way and Barton Way to the library. It was a beautiful sunny day and then it started raining and we saw a huge rainbow. When we got to the library we had to be very quiet. We sat on the carpet and listened to the librarians, they talked about the library, library cards and books. Next we listened to the story ‘We’re going to find a monster’. Before we left we all used our library cards to borrow a book before walking back to school.

On Friday we gathered together on the playground with the whole school to mark Remembrance Day.

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