Year 1 News – Week 3

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Year 1 News - Autumn Term - Week 3

Week 3 – 13.9.21 – 17.9.21

This week we have been revisiting our understanding of our five senses – hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling. Throughout the week we have been taking ‘notice’ of our senses through a variety of activities. Taking ‘notice’ is one of our 5 ways to wellbeing, which we are encouraging the children to remember within their day. We also had a 6C assembly thinking about Paralympians and how they would use our different learning behaviors to be a successful athlete. Later in the week, we talked about what it would be like if we didn’t have one of our senses (e.g. our sight) and had a go at blindfold football, where we had to listen carefully for the bell inside the ball in order to receive the pass.

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