Year 1 News Autumn 2 – Week 1

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Week 8 – 18.10.21 - 22.10.21

Year 1 News – Autumn Term 2 – Week 1

This week started with a spooky twist with lots of scary characters coming into school. The children had a great time at their spooky disco, coming up with some fantastic dance moves! We hope that if you attended the spooky trail after school that you had a fun time.
In history we have looked at why we celebrate the 5th of November and the children made their own wanted posters for Guy Fawkes. We looked at subtraction in maths, finding out how to represent this in a tens frame and a part-whole model. The children then explored this concept to find out that subtraction is not like addition, it is not commutative.
In discovery time, the children had a go at sculpting a clay diva pot. They also explored how to make a shadow and created shadow puppets on the wall.

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