Year 1 News Spring 1 – Week 2

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16.1.23 - 20.1.23

This week we’ve enjoyed learning an alternative version of the story ‘Dear Zoo’. In our classes we worked together to decide on pictures and actions to help us remember the story. We had a circle time to talk about all the animals in the story and why they were funny pets to be sent! Independently, we wrote some sentences about a variety of zoo animals and gave a reason for why they wouldn’t make good pets! During discovery, children have been given the choice to challenge themselves further also independently write their own letter to the zoo! The chose a pet they would like and gave examples of how they would look after their pet.

In maths the children continued their learning of teen numbers and are becoming more confident at counting forwards and back to 20! The children also learnt to half and double numbers using a variety of resources to support them; numicon, rekenrek deanes and counters. We used our bar-model and cherry model to then record our answers to show halves and doubles of numbers.

Discovery has been full of creative, investigative and exploration tasks! Outside the children have enjoyed create their own ice investigation. They filled up different sized cups, filled some with natural resources and left them overnight on Tuesday to see the results! The children were incredibly excited to find the water frozen outside, with some even creating their own ice decorations. Inside, children have been using their new computing skills to create animal pictures and add text. Some have even challenged themselves to write sentences. All three classes particularly enjoy their small world play and this week they have been inspired to create their own zoos using any resources they can find!

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