Year 1 News Spring 1 – Week 4

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Week 4 – 24.01.22 - 28.01.22

Year 1 News – Spring Term 1 – Week 4

In geography this week year 1 have been exploring maps and took part in some orienteering around the playground, answering questions about the different types of homes people can live in.  We saw some fantastic Collaborative Cockatoos as they worked with their partner, making sure they had been to each orienteering post.
The children have been classifying animals in science and putting them into the correct group based on their characteristics.  They have had the opportunity to sketch some different animals this week and they talked about what group that animal would go into.
In English we have been learning about the -ed suffix and thinking about when we would apply it to the end of a word. The children then wrote a diary entry pretending to be Sid from Six Dinner Sid. They did well to think about the words they needed to use, ensuring it was written in the past tense. In maths we have been recapping even and odd numbers, sorting Numicon and seeing what the numbers look like in a tens frame.

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