Year 1 News Spring 1 – Week 5

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Week 5 – 31.01.22 - 04.02.22

Year 1 News – Spring Term 1 – Week 5

This week the children have been researching an animal of their choice, finding out about their diet, habitat and group name. They used books, laptops and information posters to find the information and made detailed plans ready to help them write up an animal report.

In maths the children have been exploring Cuisenaire rods to work out different doubling and halving facts. They worked with the rods in discovery time to figure out what numbers would be at the top of the Cuisenaire wall (even numbers) and at the bottom.

The children worked with a friend outside to create an aerial view map of the school using natural resources.  They then created a key for their map, thinking about what patterns and colours represented each feature.

On Wednesday we were visited by the School Sports Partnership who took year 1 for a ‘Stay Active’ session. The children really enjoyed working on their agility, balance and coordination skills.

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