Year 1 News Summer 1 – Week 4

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Year 1 News 13.5.22

This week we have visited the Grocer on the Green. The children worked in groups to design their dip and decide which vegetables they would need for it. We had a fantastic time walking to the green grocers and having the opportunity to buy the ingredients. Later in the week, they used their skills of chopping, slicing, grating and mashing their vegetables to make their dips during our Design and Technology lesson.  They enjoyed tasting their dips and evaluated them.

We have learnt about the Wright Flyer the first airplane (invented and built by the Wright brothers) which successfully flew in the air. Together we boxed up the non-chronological report with the subheadings:  What is it?; Who invented it?; What is it made of?; How does it work?; and a fun fact. Did you know the first flight lasted only 12 seconds?

In Maths Mastery the children consolidated their understanding that even numbers are composed of 2s and that odd numbers have an ‘odd 1’.  They used this to help them find 2 more and 2 less than a given number.

We also welcomed some caterpillars to the classroom and have discussed their life cycle. We are looking forward to observing and recording any changes that happen over the coming weeks.

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