Year 1 News Summer 2 – Week 3

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Year 1 News 20.6.22

This week we celebrated ‘World Music Day’ with an assembly from iRock School of Music. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the lady sing, play the electric guitar, keyboard and drums. Three children got the opportunity to play the different instruments and create their own band. A child from Year 1 was also selected to come and be the lead vocalist! The whole assembly kept the beat to We Will Rock You by Queen and we had lots of fun.

We also used the music garden to explore our story we have learnt about Goldilocks and the three bears. During our music lessons we have been thinking carefully about how a piece of music makes us feel and using different types of musical instruments such as egg shakers, claves bells and our voices to represent different thoughts and feelings as well as different actions. This week in teams, we worked together to represent different parts of the story and then performed these to the rest of the class.

We have continued to practise our sport days skills ready for sports week and sports day next week!

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