Year 2 News Spring 1 – Week 2

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Module Code: content-paragraph

Week commencing 16.01.23

This week in history, we learned about the features of castles and made our own using lego. We included moats, drawbridges, battlements and a portcullis (a heavy vertically-closing gate). Find out more about the features of castles here: Castles and Knights: The Features of a Castle – BBC Teach

In english, we have been writing poems about dragons, using descriptive language. By using similes, we made our writing even more interesting for the reader! We have been learning to add two 2-digit numbers in maths, and explored how to record this with pictorial representations (by drawing pictures of the resources we used).

We enjoyed having our first recorder lesson! We explored how to hold the instrument correctly and how to play the note B. We also learned how to play a simple rhythm including beats and rests. In art, we looked closely at pictures of dragon eyes and have drawn out our own designs ready to colour next week using a range of materials, such as oil pastels or water colour.

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