Year 2 News Spring 2 – Week 5

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Year 2 News 21.3.22 - 25.3.22

What an exciting day we had at Windsor Castle! All of the Year 2 children showed great enthusiasm and a thirst to learn more about the resident home of Queen Elizabeth II. From drawing the tower, walking under the arch and looking up at the portcullis and murder holes, it thoroughly was a great experience for all. Some of the other highlights were having a standing still contest just like the guards that protect the queen and learning about the secret doors and tunnels in the staterooms.

On Tuesday evening, some of the Year 2 children represented Malvern Way in the School Partnership Dance Festival at Rickmansworth School. This was an amazing experience for the children and their parents to be part of, and they really did themselves proud by the performance they gave.

During the week, the children listened to stories about neurodiversity and enjoyed looking at various artists and how all their viewpoints were different. Afterwards, the children looked more in depth at Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings and created their own version of the sunflower painting, using pencil and pastels.

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