Nursery Latest News – Autumn 2 Week 4

This week we revisited the Three Little Pigs, building on what we had previously learned. We completed a class story map, including actions to help us retell the story. We moved our learning on by thinking about what we know about pigs and came up with lots of different facts.

In explore learning time we learnt a new skill of ripping tape off a tape dispenser to connect our junk modelling pieces. We made lots of different things such as an eagle, snake and even a pterodactyl. Outside we have been using our new digging area and our new bug observatory.

At the end of the week we put our chef hat on and decorating a biscuit to look like a pig. We watched Miss Beaumont make the icing, helping her to decide if we needed to add more water, more icing and when the icing was ready. We decided one drop of red food colouring was enough. Each group had a turn at decorating their own biscuit, using different food items to represent the facial features of a pig.

Latest News

RSPB’s Great British Birdwatch

Today the Eco warriors took part in the RSPB’s Great British Birdwatch. We located ourselves near the allotment beds because we’ve heard lots of chirping there before. We only saw one little sparrow making the noise but we did see a lot of pigeons, one blackbird, 2 crows, 1 magpie, 4 black headed gulls and one red kite.

It’s not too late for you to take part at home too – you have until the 19th February!