Nursery Latest News- Summer 2 Week 2

This week we enjoyed our final sports day training session. The children worked really hard as a team, collaborating together taking turns and cheering each other on when racing. They are well prepared for showcasing their skills to you all next week.

The children showed great enthusiasm for making their very own wormery. We discussed the purpose of a wormery, and the job the worm plays in recycling dead leaves, plants, vegetables and fruit, turning it into compost for the garden. The children are hopeful to find a few more worms to add to their wormery next week. Due to the lovely sunny weather the worms have been challenging to find!

We continued to learn more facts about worms. The children have chosen their favourite facts which we incorporated into our worm fact sheet. They are now learning to orally retell the fact sheet with actions and words.

The children put a lot of thought into making their cards for their very own ‘Superhero’, we hope you like the personalised messages. They worked hard to write their name using the correct pen grip and thought carefully about the sounds in their name. We are impressed with their mark making skills.

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Reception Latest News- Autumn 1- Week 3

This week the children enjoyed their first PE lesson. They changed independently and listened well to the safety rules of the hall. The children then took a trip into the ‘jungle’ where they moved their bodies like different animals. We ended the lesson with some mindfulness yoga.