Reception Latest News- Summer 2- Week 1

The children have enjoyed being back at school and sharing their half term news with their peers. We began the week learning the poem ‘Our wildlife’. We talked about the rhyming words we could hear and closed our eyes to imagine we were in a woodland. The children came up with their own actions to help them learn the poem and have explored new words such as ‘scuttle, soar, hover, and scamper’. Throughout the week, the children have become ‘poets’ themselves as they wrote their own version of the poem. We had some fantastic ideas such as ‘glide like a bird’, ‘march like ants and crunch like a caterpillar’.

The children have enjoyed taking part in an orienteering activity this week through the woodland. They followed the path to find pictures of mini beasts and had different questions to solve. They worked brilliantly in teams.

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Reception Latest News- Autumn 1- Week 3

This week the children enjoyed their first PE lesson. They changed independently and listened well to the safety rules of the hall. The children then took a trip into the ‘jungle’ where they moved their bodies like different animals. We ended the lesson with some mindfulness yoga.