Reception Latest News- Summer 2- Week 4

On Monday, the children took part in our ‘Sports for choice’ morning where they explored a range of different activities such as: bikes, dance, javelin, football, rounders and parachute games.

This week the children have enjoyed learning the story ‘The Train Ride’. First, the children helped tell the story through the use of small world props and later in the week we used pictures to sequence the story. The children were confident to say what a ‘journey’ is and were keen to talk about some of the journeys they have been on. We had some fantastic writing this week as the children used their imagination to write about where the hot air balloon in the story may take them. We had ideas such as ‘to donut land’ ‘a magical forest’ and ‘the end of the rainbow’.

The children have used lots of imaginative language outside this week as our den became a train station. They worked collaboratively using the crates, tyres and planks to make their own train. We are looking forward to going on the train next week to Cassiobury Park!

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Reception Latest News- Autumn 1- Week 3

This week the children enjoyed their first PE lesson. They changed independently and listened well to the safety rules of the hall. The children then took a trip into the ‘jungle’ where they moved their bodies like different animals. We ended the lesson with some mindfulness yoga.