Reception News – Spring 1 – Week 4

Reception News WB 30.1.23

This week we continued learning about pollution in our world. We talked about the changes we could make in our lives to lower pollution and make our world a healthier place to be. We used clay to make our own 3D Earth models which we painted to show the land and water masses.

In maths this week we have focused on the composition of numbers 6 and 7 using the song ‘6 Little men in a flying saucer’. The children used a variety of representations to show the composition starting with ‘concrete’ objects – Toy Aliens, progressing to pictures of Aliens and eventually the more abstract concept of replacing the pictures with counters to represent the Aliens.

Latest News

Reception Latest News- Autumn 1- Week 3

This week the children enjoyed their first PE lesson. They changed independently and listened well to the safety rules of the hall. The children then took a trip into the ‘jungle’ where they moved their bodies like different animals. We ended the lesson with some mindfulness yoga.