Reception News – Spring 1 – Week 5

Reception News WB 6.2.23

This week we have all enjoyed being space explorers in our new role play space stations. We have learnt to name and identify the planets by their properties, paint a planet of our choice and order the planets according to their proximity to the sun. We also read ‘Whatever next’ which inspired us to make our own rockets. Outside we used the crates and large planks of wood to create a large scale model of a space station.

In PE this week we explored a range of movement such as slithering and crawling under and on the low level apparatus, we also learnt to walk sideways like crabs. We ended the week with a surprise delivery, our new inflatable planets to enhance our learning experience!

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Reception News – Spring 2 – Week 1

This week we learned about the role of an artist before exploring the works of Vincent Van Gogh. We then used our skills to begin the first stages of our version of ‘The Starry Night’.

Year 2 News – Spring 2 – Week 1

This week the children had the exciting opportunity to visit Windsor Castle! They enjoyed watching the Changing of the Guard ceremony as the guards marched and played huge drums.

Year 2 News – Spring 1 – Week 5

This week we enjoyed making our dragon eyes using clay. We used the joining and modelling skills we have been learning to add detail and to make sure our designs hold together. The children also explored using the clay tools and the effects that can be made with them.