Reception News – Spring 2 – Week 1

Reception News WB 20.2.23

This week we learned about the role of an artist before exploring the works of Vincent Van Gogh. We then used our skills to begin the first stages of our version of ‘The Starry Night’. We began with a dark blue paint wash for the background before adding chalk and paint to represent the clouds, stars and the moon. Next week we will develop our work further as we add more detail to complete our pictures. We continued to explore the works of Van Gogh through the week as we all joined in with a colouring of ‘The Starry Night’ during a mindfulness session, we also worked collaboratively in our colour teams to create a large scale model of ‘The Starry Night’ using a variety of junk resources.

Latest News

Reception Latest News- Autumn 1- Week 3

This week the children enjoyed their first PE lesson. They changed independently and listened well to the safety rules of the hall. The children then took a trip into the ‘jungle’ where they moved their bodies like different animals. We ended the lesson with some mindfulness yoga.