Reception News Summer 1 Week 1

This week we all enjoyed returning to school in the sunshine. We talked about the things we had enjoyed during the Easter holidays and wrote about our favourite activities which included visiting a farm, spending time with Grandparents and going on and Easter egg hunt. We participated in our first outdoor PE session where we learnt what it meant to be good team players. We encouraged our friends as they ran to the cone and back before the next team player could take their turn. We were all excited to see lots of new activities on the playground at lunchtime. There are games to play with friends, activities for calm time, an area for construction and an area for team games and bike riding.

This week we welcomed caterpillars to our classrooms, we are all excited to watch as they change and grow.

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Nursery News- Summer 1 Week 6

This week the children really enjoyed listening to the alternative versions of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, ‘Jack and the Jelly Beanstalk’ was a favourite.