Year 2 Latest News – Autumn 1 Week 7

This week, we have been developing our instructional writing skills by writing instructions for how to catch our own mixed-up animals. Once these were written, we learnt how to edit our writing to improve it. We made sure we included imperative verbs and time connectives which are needed when writing instructions. We also checked our use of capital letters, full stops and phonic sounds.

In maths, we have been making sure to ‘think 10’ when adding and subtracting. This meant that we had to rebalance the number sentences to help us reach the answer. For example, 9 + 5 becomes 10 + 4 which is then simpler to work out. To aid our understanding, we visualised the rebalancing on bead strings.

In Science, we deepened our understanding of animals and living things by investigating life cycles. We were introduced to the simple life cycle that all living things follow. In this cycle there are three stages: they are born (birthed or hatched), they are young and they are adults. We then focused on a butterfly life cycle by making our own in small groups.

In art, we had the opportunity to make our own sculptures out of junk modelling materials. These sculptures were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and the sculptures around our school.

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