Year 2 Latest News – Spring 1 Week 1

Welcome back!

This week we have been introduced to our new topic Inside the Castle Walls. It has been interesting to discuss what we think the topic will be about, what we might learn and what we would like to learn more about.

In English, we have started learning about non-chronological reports and their features (subheadings, paragraphs and pictures). We used pictures and actions to create a text map to help us understand the structure of a report and practised reading it with expression. We then spent some time writing factual sentences about a different topic which will support us when writing our own reports next week.

In maths, we have focussed on statistics. First, we learnt about information tables and answered questions using the values on them. We then moved on to learn about different types of tables, such as recording a tally and why these are useful. We enjoyed gathering answers from our peers about their favourite crisp flavour and making our own tally chart. Finally, we looked at simple bar graphs and pictograms to represent data.

In art, we practised our sketching skills by using stippling, hatching, cross-hatching, scribbling, circling and smudging to add shading. We then sketched a close up of a dragon eye, thinking about the shape, size and shading we would use.

In history, we started to think about the past and present by comparing modern homes compared to houses in the past. Over the half term, we will be developing this by focussing on the features of castles and significant battles in history.

Latest News

RSPB’s Great British Birdwatch

Today the Eco warriors took part in the RSPB’s Great British Birdwatch. We located ourselves near the allotment beds because we’ve heard lots of chirping there before. We only saw one little sparrow making the noise but we did see a lot of pigeons, one blackbird, 2 crows, 1 magpie, 4 black headed gulls and one red kite.

It’s not too late for you to take part at home too – you have until the 19th February!