Year 2 Latest News – Spring 1 Week 2

This week we have continued to explore our new topic Inside the Castle Walls. The children have discussed their prior knowledge, outlining what they already know about castles as well as thinking about what they want to know.

In English this week we implemented our newly attained knowledge on the features of a non-chronological reports to our learning. We explored different types of dragons and made up our own to write our report on. In our non-chronological report, we included an introduction, where our dragons live, what they look like, what they eat and an interesting fact about them. We used key vocabulary to describe our dragons and their environment and we were able to share with our learning partners and the class our amazing writing.

In maths, we recapped on statistics that we focused on last week which carried us through to written addition of two digit numbers using expanded form. Firstly, we learnt to choose the appropriate mental strategy when using addition with a two digit number, such as think 10 and rebalancing. We then moved onto regrouping when using addition with two, 2-digit numbers. Finally, we applied all our skills to prove addition is commutative (does not matter which order you add them in).

In art, we applied our sketching skills from last week to create our own dragon eyes. We explored the contrast of colours from the colour wheel and discussed high and low contrast colours. We then drew our dragon eyes on a pieces of black or white paper, then used oil pastels or water colours to bring our artwork to life.

In history, we identified how castles are built and their diverse features which include the different types of building materials used, moats, drawbridges, wells and the portcullis. We then investigated who lived in castles and explored the castles around England. Finally, we built our own castles from Lego and plasticine.

Latest News

RSPB’s Great British Birdwatch

Today the Eco warriors took part in the RSPB’s Great British Birdwatch. We located ourselves near the allotment beds because we’ve heard lots of chirping there before. We only saw one little sparrow making the noise but we did see a lot of pigeons, one blackbird, 2 crows, 1 magpie, 4 black headed gulls and one red kite.

It’s not too late for you to take part at home too – you have until the 19th February!